Merchant Instasite

Merchant Instasite is the flagship product within AME's fast-growing suite of digital merchant products. This easy-to-use platform enables merchants to create websites instantly and automatically.

Reseller Portal

Easy management of your merchants' websites.

Merchant Website

A user-ready web or ecommerce presence for your merchants.

Merchant Portal

Simplified web management tools for small businesses.

Don’t just help your merchants with their payments.

Help them build their businesses.

Merchants want a one-stop shop for all of their online needs. With AME's Merchant Product Suite, you can be the comprehensive resource they've been looking for.

Grow the size of your merchant portfolios by offering them more of the online tools they need.

Retain your merchants by delivering "sticky" solutions.

Promote your brand at every turn with AME's white-label merchant products.

Solve merchant risk once and for all with secure digital products designed for small businesses.

How AME Works

Step 1

Partner with AME to access our Merchant Product Suite. You can pick and choose which products apply to your merchant portfolios, and add more at any time.

Step 2

Work with AME product specialists and relationship managers to customize and white-label your offerings, keeping your brand front-and-center.

Step 3

Devise a product launch plan and receive dedicated in-house technology, sales, product and customer training from AME's consulting team.

Providing digital commerce solutions to leading payments companies around the world.