What is AME?

AME Commerce was built to achieve a simple but challenging mission: to make life easier for the millions of merchants around the world. We provide game-changing technology solutions to small businesses through their established relationships with their merchant acquirers and ISOs.

We’re starting by focusing on a common pain point for small businesses: launching and managing their digital web or ecommerce presences. The Internet is still complicated in 2015, with web design, SEO, social media, Google Adwords and domain registration being just a few of the requirements merchants must handle responsibly. With AME, you can make it faster, easier and more affordable for them to manage their digital presences.

About our founder

Manish Gaudi


Manish has spent almost a decade working in the payments industry, previously serving as VP of Product Development and Chief Strategy Officer for G2 Web Services. He has brought multiple products to market, from original ideas to multi-million dollar revenue streams.

Manish founded AME Commerce after witnessing the many unnecessary difficulties merchants face while trying to build their businesses through technology. He concluded that small businesses need a specific kind of help—one that wasn't available in a meaningful way anywhere in the market. In 2013, Manish founded AME to provide digital commerce companies with new, simple tools designed to support their merchants' growth.

Before working in payments, Manish earned his Bachelor's Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked as a science and technology policy analyst in Washington, D.C.