of card-accepting merchants do not have a dedicated web presence

AME Commerce Merchant Instasite

AME Commerce Merchant Instasite

All your merchant needs.
All in one place.

Why Merchant Instasite?

Automated Website Creation

Merchant Instasite combines industry-specific information with merchant data from across the web to seamlessly create a web or ecommerce presence for any business, anywhere, any time.

Instantaneous Availability

With Merchant Instasite, your clients can create their websites with the click of a button. No long wait times or tedious information gathering—your merchant’s site is ready to go!

Reseller Portal

Merchant Instasite comes equipped with a fully-featured Reseller Portal, enabling acquirers and ISOs to create web presences for their customers and manage their merchants’ Instasite records easily.

Automatic Ecommerce Integration

Stop letting your merchants ignore ecommerce. Instasite integrates with your organization’s preferred payment gateway, eliminating any technical work to link their stores to their payment gateway accounts.

Safe and Secure Payment Processing

Tired of chasing down merchants using insecure hosting companies, website builders or shopping carts? Instasite uses a robust and secure web infrastructure, lowering the risk of data breach and card exposure.

Easy-to-use web builder tools

Your merchants can edit and configure an unlimited number of pages, products, images and content widgets on their websites. Choose from several design templates and even add menus or listings with a few simple clicks.

What Merchant Instasite Offers

Reseller Portal

Build and host your merchants’ websites for them. Use our custom CRM platform to manage your Instasite customers.

Merchant Website /
Ecommerce Storefront

Hand your merchants a ready-to-go, ecommerce-enabled website quickly and easily.

Merchant Portal

Merchant Instasite includes a fully-featured, comprehensive toolset for merchants to manage their Instasites and their digital presences across the web.

AME's industry-focused solutions can help any small business grow.

Salons and
Barber Shops
Health and

Offer your merchants more.

Help your customers make the most of their time and resources. Merchant Instasite offers more features and capabilities than any other website and ecommerce builder, with the simplest pricing on the market.

Unlimited pages
Unlimited hosting
Unlimited products
Unlimited menus
Unlimited images and files
Unlimited success!